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How to create coupon codes with Woocommerce?

Searching ways of increasing traffic on your online store? Want to create great revenue and enlarge sales on your online business? None in this world who does business wants to lose customers and be bankrupt right! Then, Let’s look at how coupons help multiply shoppers. This article will further help you to generate coupons and coupon codes. Please go through it.

Coupon codes are a great way to attract new customers and get previous ones to come back for more shopping. Isn’t it cool? We as a buyer always want to save money and grab a bargain. Merchants and vendors desire to grow sales. Coupon codes offering discounts and deals can only fulfill the desire of both sellers and buyers.

How to set up a new Coupon code in WooCommerce? #

First of all, you might have installed the WooCommerce theme and WooCommerce plugin to launch an eCommerce site. After the successful installation, activation, and complete configuration of the WooCommerce theme and plugin you can go for a coupon code introducing the store by offering opening deals. Isn’t it a perfect idea to let them know about your newly opened Ecommerce site?

Learn to create Coupon Codes and Offer Sales.

From the WordPress dashboard head over to Marketing > Coupons.

You will see this screen if you are creating a coupon for the first time.

  • Next, click on Create your first coupon or the ‘Add coupon‘ button.
  • Create an alphanumeric, unique and creative coupon code. It is used by the customers to apply the coupon and associated discount to their cart.
  • The description is about the info about coupons. It can be the Name of the promotion/event, dates in effect, compensation, ticket number, customer name, and more like this. Adding and not adding a description will not affect it because It is optional as well as invisible to customers.

If you prefer, you could also create a system-generated code. Just click on ‘Generate coupon code‘ it will automatically generate a code for you.

You can see the coupon data block underneath the description. Your next action step would be to run through the three sections. General, Usage restriction, Usage Limits. Let’s have a closer look at it.

General #

It enables you with its basic information, its value, free shipping options, and its expiry date.

Discount Type #

By default WooCommerce comes with three discount types:

  • Percentage Discount: It lets the customer purchase a product at a reduced rate, which is often defined as a percentage.
  • Fixed cart Discount: It allows you to offer a fixed, dollar-amount discount to customers when they reach the checkout page of your store.
  • Fixed product discount: It is applied to a product, and is set at a fixed amount. For example, if any product cost is $500 and the fixed product discount is $100, the buyer has to pay only $400 for the product. It is a fixed product-based discount.

Coupon Amount #

It depends on the type that you have chosen for the discount. Similarly, you can use the Coupon amount field to set the amount of the discount. 

Allow Free Shipping #

 You can also offer free shipping to customers using the coupon. If u tick the checkbox free shipping will be enabled along with the coupon discount.

Coupon Expiry date #

In this section, you can add the deadline or expiry date of a coupon. After the expiry date, the coupon code will not work and be valid.

Usage Restriction #

With Usage Restriction, you can set various restrictions on the usage of the coupon.

  • Minimum Spend: Here, you can set the minimum subtotal needed to use the coupon. The customers won’t be able to use coupons if spent a low amount on a purchase as you have set.
  • Maximum Spend: It lets you set the maximum subtotal allowed when using the coupon. For example, if they spend over the coupon amount, the Maximum spend parameter will kick in and the coupon won’t work.
  • Individual Use Only: Allowing multiple coupon usage on a single cart is not the right option for the business. It can lead to a heavy loss in revenue. That is why this restriction helps a store owner to create a coupon code that cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  • Exclude Sale Item: Check this box if the coupon should not apply to all items on sale. Basically, items on sale are already available at a discounted price, so sellers may not want to give any additional discount through coupon codes for the purchase of items with no offer. This restriction helps them to disable the usage of coupon codes that you’ven’t marked as on sale.
  • Product: Here you can add the products that are applied for sale.
  • Exclude Product: Products that the coupon will not be applied.
  • Product Categories: The products can also be divided into categories and coupon codes can be created for each category. So owners can create coupon codes for certain categories like clothing, electronics, groceries etc.
  • Exclude Categories: The product category that is not specified for sales and may not want to provide discounts.
  • Allowed Emails: you can even ban certain email addresses from coupon usage.

Uses Limits #

The tab Uses limit enables you to determine how many times the coupon can be used, both overall and per customer. 

  • Uses Limit Per coupon: It allows you to set the number of customers that can use coupons during checkout.
  • Limit uses to X items: This field is only displayed if there are one or more products that the coupon can be used with. It limits the items to that coupons can be applied.
  • Uses Limit per user: It restricts time limits for a customer to use a coupon. If you want any customer to use coupons only once then you can enter here 1. 

When you are done with all the configuration you can make it publish by clicking on the “Publish” button.

Hence, We have seen almost all of the owners offering deals on different occasions: festive, opening, anniversary, summer, winter, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and much more like this. You as an owner can create coupon codes and offer discounts on specific products of your choice. On contrary, some of the more popular ideas are to offer Product bundles, so you can bundle the products and offer a sale in a bundle as well.

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Updated on January 9, 2024
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