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Explore WC Booster, a WordPress theme designed for an enhanced WooCommerce journey, offering advanced features, seamless shopping, and flexible customization.


Discover WC Booster Pro, a robust WordPress theme meticulously crafted to elevate your WooCommerce journey. Seamlessly integrated with the streamlined WC Booster add-on, this theme redefines your online shopping adventure. With WC Booster, you’re not just getting a theme; you’re unlocking a plethora of advanced features. Enjoy seamless shopping with user-friendly navigation, quick product searches, and a personalized cart experience. The enhanced online checkout process ensures a hassle-free purchase journey for your customers. Experience the power of secure and flexible payment gateways that cater to various preferences. From credit cards to digital wallets, WC Booster ensures a diverse and convenient payment ecosystem. Customize your store effortlessly with flexible options, allowing you to tailor every detail to your brand’s vision. Boost your brand’s identity with customizable storefronts, color schemes, and typography. Ready to witness WC Booster in action?

Enhance Customer's shopping experience

Key Features

  • A lightweight addon for WooCommerce
  • Enhances customer’s shopping experience
  • Provides complete control over the product and cart
  • Take a glimpse of the item without visiting the product page
  • Effortless online shopping with the Mini Cart feature

Why Woo Booster Pro ?

  • Shipped with Pro Theme: With the purchase of WC Booster, you receive a premium multipurpose WooCommerce theme called WC Booster Pro theme.
  • Minimalist Approach: We have designed WC Booster with a minimalist mindset, ensuring that it offers the necessary options that make an impact.
  • Built Secured: We strongly believe in constructing a secure platform that poses a formidable challenge for hackers attempting to breach websites.
  • Quick and Friendly Support: If you face any problems, please contact us. We will be delighted to promptly address your issue
  • Regular Updates:  We continuously work towards enhancing the plugin with essential functionality, and as a result, you can expect regular updates
  • Easy to set up: Say goodbye to installation headaches. Installing the add-ons is now as simple as a few clicks. 
Instant Search results.
Get instant search results with our awesome live search feature on your WordPress website. This feature provides you the relevant suggestions right on the search box saving your customer’s precious time and effortCustom Quantity inputChanging the quantity is way too easy with this feature. Custom Quantity Input helps your customers to change the order quantity right through various carts – Mini Cart, Shopping Cart, and during the checkout as well.

Sticky Add to Cart
A convenient way to add the product to the shopping cart. With this feature, your customers can quickly add the product to the cart while viewing product information. It ensures an effortless shopping experience that’s accessible and visible all the time on the product page

Quick View
Instant Product Information without leaving the webpage. Quick View displays product information through a pop-up right on the product listing page. You can add the product to the shopping cart through this pop-up view shortening the buying journey.

Bulk Variation – Available for pro users only
Bulk variation allows your customers to order multiple quantities of the same products with variations, such as color or size easily. It saves time and effort as your customer doesn’t need to select each variation and add them separately. This feature ensures a convenient and efficient shopping experience, enabling your customers to order exactly what they need in a single go

Mini Cart
Mini Cart feature allows customers to view and manage their shopping cart without visiting the cart page. With Mini Cart, customers can easily adjust the quantity of products they want to purchase. Once they adjust the quantity, they can update the cart and proceed to checkout directly. This feature ensures a seamless experience for customers, making it quick and efficient to manage their cart and complete their purchases.

Checkout Layout
Enjoy a multiple-step layout that provides a smooth and convenient way for customers to complete their purchase order. It ensures a chance to carefully review every aspect of the order. For free users, you will get a straightforward single-page layout

Upsells – Available for pro users only
Enhance the shopping experience by displaying products that align well with the interested products. This Product Recommendation feature ensures that your customer doesn’t miss out on any suitable products, providing a convenient way to explore and enhance the
shopping journey.



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