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WC Booster: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you a WooCommerce user? Searching Woocommerce plugins/extensions to enhance your e-commerce website? Yes, WC Booster is what you are searching for! WC Booster is a valuable tool for any Woo Commerce store looking to offer a more personalized shopping experience for their customers. Primarily, it needs no coding knowledge and has easy setup options, making customization simple for everyone.

WC Booster believes that online shopping should be flexible with impressive product views and most importantly a secure, easy, and quick checkout. Keeping all these features/points in mind it is finely crafted making customers easy access to search for products, view products, and ultimately a customer-friendly checkout.

What is WC Booster? #

WC Booster is a minimalist product add-on for WooCommerce that enhances your WooCommerce store by adding unique and extraordinary features. It is built secure, easy to set up, regularly updated, and offers quick and friendly support.

With WC booster, you can customize the cart and product display, enable quick product previews, and configure additional fields during checkout. With WC Booster, you have complete control and can offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers. WC Booster unlocks the true potential of your online store, making it easier than ever to succeed in the world of eCommerce.

Another advantage of using a WC booster is you will get a premium multipurpose Woo Commerce theme – Multi-store, with the purchase of a WC Booster. Check our Introduction video to learn more about WC Booster, a WooCommerce extension.

How to install and activate the WC Booster plugin? #

There are 3 different methods of installing the WC booster plugin. Installing free and premium versions has a different way of installation. At first, we will learn to install WC booster free version. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to install a WC booster via search.

  • From your WordPress Admin panel go to Plugins.
  • Click on Add New which will redirect you to the plugin search section.
  • Next, click on the Search plugins box which is at the right of the screen.
  • Then Type WC Booster. The Plugin WC booster will appear on the screen.
  • Next, click on the Install Now button for the plugin WC Booster.
  • After the successful installation and download, you can click on Activate button.

It is now activated, from the admin dashboard go to Wc Booster>>Settings and use the functionalities you have been searching for.

Now, you will learn to install the paid version of WC Booster. After you purchase the WC booster plugin you can go through this upload method to install it. With the purchase, you will get a zip file from the source and download the zip file. After that, you can follow the following steps.

  • From WordPress Admin Area, go to Plugins.
  • Click on Add New. The plugin interface will be displayed on the screen.
  • At the top beside Add Plugins, you will see an Upload Plugin box. Click on Upload Plugin.
  • Next, click on Choose File to upload the zip file you have downloaded beforehand.
  • After you choose the file then click on Install Now.
  • Once installed, you need to click the Activate Plugin link to use the plugin.

Moreover, free plugins are also available in the WordPress plugin directory where you can search for WC Booster, download and see the active installation, star rating, and more about the plugin.

How to configure WC Booster? #

Configuration of the WC booster is very clean, simple, and easy. From your WordPress dashboard, Go to WC booster >> Settings. You will see all the available features/settings or functions of WC Booster.

General Settings #

Within General Settings, you can configure the following options.

Search – Enable this option to provide instant search results along with relevant suggestions. #

Get instant search results with our awesome live search feature on your WordPress website. This feature provides you the relevant suggestions right on the search box saving your customer’s precious time and effort.

  • Enable Search: If you enable this option it will display the search function on your website.
  • Assign to Menu: Select the menu where you prefer to display the search bar.
  • Placeholder: Insert the placeholder text for the search box.
  • Shortcode: This option enables you to copy the shortcode for a search function and paste it to the desired location to display the search box.

Custom Quantity Input #

  • Enable: Enable this option to allow customers to modify the order quantity through various carts – Mini Cart, Shopping Cart, and during the checkout as well.
  • Layout (pro): Choose a layout for the Custom Quantity Input.

Product Settings #

In this section, you will find the following product settings. It ensures an effortless shopping experience that’s accessible and visible all the time on the product page.

Cart #

  • Sticky: When you enable this option you can make add to cart sticky. When you scroll the page, add to cart button doesn’t disappear but remains sticky. With this feature, your customers can quickly add the product to the cart while viewing product information.
  • Label: Rename/label the cart as per your business model.

Quick View #

  • Enable: Enable quick view for instant product information without leaving the page. This feature displays product information through a pop-up right on the product listing page. You can add the product to the shopping cart through this pop-up view shortening the buying journey.
  • Label: Rename/label text for a quick view as per your business goal.

Bulk Variation(pro): #

  • Enable: Bulk variation allows your customers to order multiple quantities of the same products with variations, such as color or size easily. The customer doesn’t need to select each variation and add them separately. It enables your customers to order exactly what they need in a single go.
  • Layout: Choose the layout of the variation section displayed on the product page.
  • Hide out of stock: Enable this section to hide the products that are out of stock

Specification #

  • Enable: Enable to show the specifications of the products which means you can display the content full of product information such as color, size, and product type.

Mini Cart Settings #

The Mini Cart section allows you to have the following settings.

  • Enable: This allows customers to view and manage their shopping cart without visiting the cart page so customers can easily adjust the number of products they want to purchase. Once they change the quantity, they can update the cart and checkout directly.
  • Assign to (menu): It lets you assign a mini cart to navigation. This helps to overlap the sales pages and the store’s home page, allowing the consumer to check the products that have already been selected and modify the order without changing pages. It creates fluidity in the shopping experience.
  • Update button (pro): Enable this option to show the update button so that you can update the cart and checkout with an update button.
  • Title: Enter the text you want to change for the Mini cart.
  • Shortcodes: The shortcode here enables a user to copy the shortcode for the mini cart so that you can paste the mini cart shortcode anywhere on your desired website page location.

Checkout Settings #

In this section, you can set the following settings.

General #

  • Shortcode: The shortcode here enables a user to copy the shortcode for the checkout so that you can paste the checkout shortcode anywhere on your desired website page location.
  • Direct Checkout: Enable this option to redirect to the checkout page after adding to the cart.

Multi-steps ( in pro): #

  • Enable: Enjoy a multiple-step layout that provides a smooth and convenient way for customers to complete their purchase order.

Upsells(pro): #

  • Enable: Enhance the shopping experience by displaying products that align well with the interested products.
  • Heading: Insert heading for the upsells section.

Product Recommendation

This product recommendation feature ensures that your customer doesn’t miss out on suitable products, providing a convenient way to explore and enhance the shopping journey.

Choosing WC Booster for your eCommerce store will definitely be a beneficiary. Download WC Booster and increase your sales with a multitude of features and grow unlimited customers with its enthralling and uncomplicated friendly interface. This amazing plugin enables your website visitors to view the products effectively and flexibly as a result visitors turn into customers and existing customers into repeat customers.

Enhance and expand the possibilities and boost the functionality of your woo-commerce website with WC Booster or upgrade more with the pro version.

Do you want to upgrade your store with WC Booster Pro? If yes, then click the button below.

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Updated on January 9, 2024
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